Brilliant beacons of optimism and hope, Tiffany Keys are radiant symbols of a bright future. Diamonds add dazzling elegance to this design.

18k gold with round brilliant diamonds
1.5″ long or 2″ long
Carat total weight .40
Gold weight: 4.2 grams for the one with 1.5″ long pendant, 9 grams for the one with 2″ long pendant
Finish: 18k white gold or 18k rose gold
Factory number: 3400669/68001339
Price: Please leave your message below, or whatsapp on 0086-180-59816770

Beautifully crafted and carefully designed Tiffany Keys celebrate the wisdom, joy and optimism of a life well-lived. Icons of self-expression, the keys embody independence, confidence and power.